Yannis Triphyllis

Executive Committee Member, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping

Yannis Triphyllis was born in London in 1971, representing the fourth generation of owner/managers from his maternal side (Fatsis/Gourdomichalis families) and the third generation from his paternal side. He is happily married and enjoying life with his dogs in Greece, easily qualifying him as a naive optimist.He graduated with highest honors from Athens College, Greece in 1990.

Yannis Triphyllis studied at Harvard College, Cambridge MA from where he received his BA in 1994 with CUM LAUDE in International Relations.Between 1995-2003 Yannis worked in Hill Samuel Merchant Bank, London as an M&A executive, then for Greece’s second largest quoted closed end fund, ERGOINVEST SA as lead analyst, and finally as a co-investor and officer in Telecoms&Media convergence venture capital firm SYNTEK, of the Moratti family, Milan.Yannis started his shipping career as a cadet on board Gourdomichalis Maritime vessels in 1994, followed by 20 months of service in the Greek Navy. Between 2004-11 Yannis Triphyllis served as a Director in the Legal & Insurance Dept. of family owned Gourdomichalis Maritime SA, closely involved in the company’s largest NB project during history’s biggest shipping boom.

In 2012 he became Managing Director of Lydiamar SA, the Greek subsidiary of the historic AUG. BOLTEN GROUP of Hamburg. He is currently a client of Ariston Navigation Corp., with whose principals various innovative projects have been jointly undertaken.Mr. Triphyllis serves on the BoD of the UK Defence Club – the world leader in the provision of mutual legal cost insurance, with over 4,000 members globally – of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping- on whose Steering Committee he also resides- of the Public Maritime Employment Agency, and of the Pireaus Marine Club. He is also a member of the Union of Greek Shipowners Legal Committee and External Affairs Committee, and of the Harvard School of Public Health’s CII Executive Committee. He is also a non voting Member of the UGS BoD.


Yannis Triphyllis has chaired the two-day LLOYDS SHIP FINANCE CONFERENCE in 2009 & 20010, as well as been a panelist or speaker in all 8 SHIPPING & THE LAW CONFERENCES, in Napoli as well as a multitude of MARE FORUM, BLUE SHIPPING, IRON-COAL SUMMITS in Athens, Rome, Monte Carlo, Rotterdam and various other events. As a public service he has helped to organize and sponsored events like the three-day Lebanese Oil Spill Conference, in Larnaca- under the auspices of the Cypriot Foreign Ministry; the day-long Forest Fire Prevention Seminar in Athens, under the auspices of Ministry for the Environment & Ministry of Health; and most recently the Odyssey of Knowledge, under the Auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Educaton and of the Greek Academy, featuring Richard Dawkins, Prof. Simopoulos and other prominent world scientists and thinkers.

He is a keen sailor and licensed skipper as well as the 2008 Poseidonia Reggatta Cup holder.