Wärtsilä, a company listed on the NASDAQ OMX of Helsinki, Finland, is a world leader in the supply of advanced solutions for the production of energy both in the marine and energy markets. In 2015 Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled Euro 5 billion with approximately 18.800 employees in over 200 locations in more 70 countries around the world. 

Wärtsilä Italia currently employs about 1300 people of which 1000 in Trieste where is located the main office and one of the largest factory in the world, equipped with machinery of latest generation and with a solar panel system for the production of its own energy. Recent investments were meant to create a factory based on a modern production concept, ready to supply high quality solutions and to increase efficiency as well as assembly and test capacity. Wärtsilä is located also in Milan, Genoa, Naples and Taranto. In Genoa the recent renovation of the workshop and the upgrading of the machinery made it possible to supply a “Total Solution” service to the customers.

The large portfolio of Wärtsilä products includes not only medium-speed diesel and gas engines for an output from 1,9 to 23 MW, but also equipment, systems and solutions for the management of ships and power plants. All complies the environmental legislations and the need of efficiency which today are the main drivers for the market and thus for Wärtsilä’s mission.

Thanks to a constant investment in research, the Corporation confirms to be the leader in new technologies, with an unquestionable experience with gas as alternative fuel with a low environmental impact and with all those management tools being based today mainly on digitalization. Its support to the customers continues through the whole lifecycle of the equipment with a high quality service and assistance of experts secured in every part of the world.

Furthermore, Wärtsilä applies the global guiding principles of policies on quality, environment, health and safety which, together with the values of the Corporation, grant an harmonized job’s approach finalized to sustainable development.