President of International Propeller Clubs Italy

Born 1948 , married with Maria Rosa , three sons (Carla,Giovanni and Elisabetta)

1970 graduated in law cum laude.

1973 becomes lawyer

1973/1975 is member ,as expert of italian ship-owners Association, to various international United Nations Conferences in Geneva(UN Code of Conduct for Conferences, UN Shipping Committee),and in London (IMO and CENSA) and in Brussels (European Commission ).

1976 / 1982 Manager for Lauro Lines for maritime conferences, pools, consortia in the international liner trades.

As from 1985 licensed ship-agent and shipbroker.

In the past :

1996 / 2000 President of the Napoli Shipagents Association and member of Naples Port Authority Board of Directors.

1998 / 2002 President of ECASBA (European Commission Association of Shipbrokers and Shipagents).

2001 / 2004 President of the italian Short Sea Promotion Centre (Motorways of the Sea).

2002 / 2004 President of FONASBA (World Association of Shipbrokers and Agents).

2004 / 2008 President of FEDERAGENTI ( Italian Association of Shipagents and Shipbrokers ).

As from 2004 member of the board of CONFCOMMERCIO (the italian trade Association)

2005 appointed “shipping men of the year” at Genoa Shipbrokers dinner

As from 2006 Honorary member of FONASBA

2008 / 2012 President of FAMA (Italian Shipagents and Shipbrokers Pension Fund).


As from 2008 member of the Board of RINA ( Registro Italiano Navale)

As from 2008 Vice President of the Italian Committee for the Welfare of seamen

As from 2009 Vice President of the Italian Maritime Cluster(Federazione del Mare)

As from 2011 President of Propeller Club of Naples (150 members from the Naples shipping community)

As from 2011 President of International Propeller Club, Italy (1.400 members from 22 Clubs representing the Italian shipping and logistic community)

As from 2012 member of the Executive Board of RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)

Member of the Board of various shipping companies