Tefin is an Italian company, recognized at the international level in the maritime and Oil&gas Market, highly specialized in the electronic industry, electrical and electro-mechanical field.

Founded in the 1998 by Luigi Minieri, assisted by his sons Angelo, Emanuele e Mattia and his wife, Adele, Tefin has exponentially increased over the years, thanks to a specialized staff (craftsmen) and their managerial skills  that have always distinguished themselves, becoming a point of reference in the global shipping.

The high specialization acquired in Service, Refitting & Conversion, and New Building, have encouraged a gradual development in the business context, that leaves no doubt about the potential of this Italian excellence.

In 20 years, Tefin has provided assistance to all types of vessels and for a variety of technical issues.

In the Service Area, Tefin offers specialized assistance of electrical and electronic systems:

  • Propulsion control.
  • Navigation equipment, GMDSS, VDR.
  • Safety Systems.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Electric motors Maintenance/Alternators.

Tefin can rely on the agreement and  collaboration with leading world makers and its services (APT radio Survey and VDR) are certified by the major International Association of Classification societies.

In the Conversion Area, Refitting and New Buildings, Tefin is involved in different projectsn such as manager, coordinator and executor:

  • Upgrades in accordance to the new regulations.
  • Renewal following events fire
  • Upgrade of automation systems.

With a total responsibility of the electrical and  electronic parts, from the supply to the realization of electrical plant and the commissioning of the systems.

In the Technological Innovation Area, Tefin is constantly involved in the research and the development of new systems with a specialized team which includes designers, software engineers, panel builders.

Tefin uses special systems to optimize the vessels performance in order to reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact. Tefin’s network assistance covers a European key geographical area  , which is in Naples (the head quarter)- Civitavecchia (  Harbour of Rome) – Genoa- Palermo- Messina- Antwerp- Rotterdam.

Finally, through a network of partners, of which Tefin is the creator and the supporter, Tefin is in the strategic area of the five continents.

  • Wide range of services.
  • Ability to support customers in all their needs.
  • The flexibility, that gets to join in teamwork with ship owners technical department .
  • Certainty of the result.
  • Availability and to support customers.

These are some of the reasons why more and more ship owners choose Tefin.

When you have new seas to sail but a failure does not let you cast off the moorings.

When you want to modernize or transform your ship.

When new legislations require more environmentally friendly ships.

Tefin is the partner that with its professionalism, reliability and timeliness, let you ply the ocean waves.

website: www.tefin.it