8.45        Registration and Welcome coffee

hosted by Studio Legale Lauro and Mahela


9.15        Welcome address

Francesco S. Lauro

Studio Legale Lauro


Institutional address

Roberto Fico

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Italian Republic


Greetings on behalf of the Mayor of Naples

Mario Calabrese

Transport Commissioner of the City of Naples


9.30        Opening Speech

History has no End:

Present and Future Geopolitical Challenges

Vincenzo Camporini

Vice president IAI (Institute for International Affairs)




Emanuele Grimaldi

Vicepresident International Chamber of Shipping


Panos Laskaridis

President European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)


John C. Lyras

Past President of the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS)


Mario Mattioli

President Confitarma – Italian Shipowners’ Association


round table moderated by

Terry Macalister Tradewinds and David Osler Lloyd’s List


The new reality of Trade Wars and Protectionism

Has business been affected yet? What difference has

this made to operations? Has this changed future fleet

plans, newbuilding? Can shipowners benefit from

protected trade? What do you predict will happen next?


Global Governance under threat

What is the future of the World Trade Organization or

even the IMO? Could this impact international trade

organizations such as the ICS? Will there be a bigger role in

future for national shipowner bodies? Who will safeguard

future safety and environment rules? Will they be diluted?


Global Economy booming but set for slump

What is the optimist’s macro-economic view /

the pessimists view of the future? Is a fragile shipping

in any condition to cope with another big downturn

in trade? Where are the shipping freight markets in their

own state of recovery? All right for some sectors?

What are the biggest threats inside the maritime sector

to future prosperity?


11.15      Coffee break

hosted by Wärtsilä





Leo Drollas

Energy Economist


Volkmar Galke

General Manager Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd


Tracy Vowel

Argus Consulting


Ugo Salerno

Chairman and Ceo RINA S.p.A.


Lorenzo Matacena

Director Cartour


Franco Del Manso

Manager Of International Environment Affairs Unione Petrolifera


round table moderated by

Terry Macalister and David Osler


Shipping and Energy sectors tackle or fumble the future

How prepared is the shipping sector overall for new

sulphur and future carbon rules? How prepared is the

supply industry to provide low sulphur fuels and what

happens if it cant? Has the industry got the determination

or even the cash to transform itself?


12.45      Lunch

hosted by Gruppo Caronte & Tourist





Leo Drollas

Energy Economist


Emanuele Grimaldi

Vice President International Chamber of Shipping


Panos Laskaridis

President European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)


John C. Lyras

Past President Greek European Community Shipowners’

Associations (ECSA)


Frederick Kenney

Director, Legal and External Affairs International Maritime

Organization (IMO)


The good, the bad, and the ugly future

Is the age of oil really over? What are the best fuels (cells)

of the future? Is gas too high carbon for a longterm bet?

Is nuclear an expensive non-starter? Will we really ever see

electric deepsea ships? Can the age of sail be revived?


15.00      Francesco Berlingieri: a life for the Law of the Sea


Giorgio Berlingieri

President Associazione Italiana di Diritto Marittimo


Tom Birch Reynardson

Partner Birch Reynardson & Co.


Francesco S. Lauro

Studio Legale Lauro


15.45      Coffee break

hosted by Palumbo Shipyards


16.00      PLACE OF REFUGE


Keynote Speech

Places of refuge. The legal perspective

Måns Jacobsson

Former Director of The International Oil Pollution

Compensation Funds


Andreas Brachel

Senior Manager Gard AS


Leendert Muller

Managing Director Multraship Towage & Salvage


Fabio D’Amato

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

Dipartimento Protezione Civile – COEMM


round table moderated by

Mauro Iguera CEO Cambiaso Risso Marine SpA


17.15      End of the first day Conclusions by Terry Macalister

9.00        Registration and Welcome coffee

hosted by Studio Legale Lauro and Mahela


9.15        Young Shipowners face the future


Giacomo Gavarone

President Italian Young Owners


Andrea Garolla di Bard

Med Offshore S.p.A.


Maria Laura Dell’Abate

Amoretti Armatori Group


Filippo Gavarone

Crystal Pool S.r.l.


Valeria Novella

Gruppo Ottavio Novella


round table moderated by

Yannis Triphyllis Hellenic Chamber of Shipping,

Executive Committee Member

and Terry Macalister


What does a new generation bring that the older one can’t

provide? Does youthful vision, education and energy trump

experience? Are young shipowners the ones to really unlock

digital shipping? Is there a new generational view on the

environment, globalization, life at sea? How do we make the

maritime world fun and vibrant to attract new employees?


10.30      Shipping Law faces the Future


Jonathan Lux

Mediator, Arbitrator and Barrister


Mario Riccomagno

Co-Founder MR International Lawyers


James Bean

Managing Director, Standard UK Ltd.


David Pitlarge

Partner at Hill Dickinson LLP


Mark Clough Q.C.

Studio Legale Lauro


round table moderated by

Federico Deodato Managing Director and CEO P.L. Ferrari & Co.

and Francesco S. Lauro Studio Legale Lauro


What are the legal and insurance implications of the

technology innovations in shipping? What is the future

of Maritime Arbitration? What is the future of Mediation

in shipping? Should Common Law jurisdiction have less

severe law when ships are arrested? Do the existing

loan covenants work when loans are simply traded?

Does growing protectionism and nationalism pose threats

to international law? Are there signs of global governance

being undermined? Could we see US judicial appointment

rows as with Brett Kavanaugh spread to other countries?

Is fair competition becoming increasingly important

in the maritime industry?


11.45      Ship Finance of the Future


Arturo Capasso



Angelo D’Amato

CEO and Managing Director Perseveranza S.p.A. di Navigazione


Giuseppe Bottiglieri

President & Chairman GBSC


Massimo Racca

Head of Sub-performing loan Banco BPM


Enrico Semprebene

BNL Large Corporate


Charles Spetka

Managing Director Fortress Investment Group


round table moderated by

Fabrizio Vettosi

CEO Venice Shipping and Logistics S.p.A. Investment & Advisory

and David Osler


Are the equity markets open again in a big way for


Is there such a thing as a “traditional shipping bank”?

Are the state-owned banks of China a force for good


What is the real role for the hedge funds and private equity?


End of the Conference Conclusions by David Osler


13.00      Lunch

hosted by Studio Legale Lauro


14.15      Guided tour of the archeological

site of San Lorenzo Maggiore