Palumbo started its activity in 1967 as a  fairly small carpentry and metalwork yard to  support the local market of ship repair. Actually the company is a Group, which is divided into two major divisions: Shipping division (with facilities in Messina, Naples, Malta, Tenerife, and  a headquarter in Monaco) and Yachting division , which deals with New Build (Columbus and ISA brands with operational headquarters in Naples and Ancona), After-Sales, and Palumbo Superyacht (Naples, Marseille, Tenerife, Malta and the new site in Ancona), which is the largest center in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic for maintenance and refitting, with a continuing expanding infrastructure system, which has recently seen the acquisitions of Tenerife and Ancona sites.

The group has built and consolidated its reputation over the past 50 years thanks to a team of professionals who has always had a very clear common goal: to support customers across a wide range of services performed with extreme punctuality and reliability: sales and after-sales service via an infrastructure network – Palumbo Superyachts – in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean (Naples, Messina, Ancona, Malta, Marseille and Tenerife). Currently PSY boasts an incredible portfolio of clients, and collaborates with the protagonists of the yachting scene.

In addition to these two divisions, Palumbo Group S.p.A. operates in the repair, refit, off-shore, cruise ships, LPG, passenger ships sectors as well as in the area of large movements with a significant crane fleet.

The acquisition of its shipyard based in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) is an important move to strengthen the presence of Palumbo Superyachts outside the Mediterranean basin in the maintenance, refitting, and off-shore sectors while the one in Ancona in sector of the new build, and refit & repair in strategic Adriatic area. The activity of Palumbo Messina and Palumbo Naples are focused on the repair, construction, alteration, conversion, and maintenance of all types of boats and cruise ships.

As regards the division New Built and superyacht market, Palumbo Group operates under two distinct brands and an even greater force:

Isa Yachts maintains its characteristics of excellence of Italian style enriched by an improved design and by a series of new and innovative projects. Current range is: ISA Sport, Isa Granturismo, Isa Classic and the new Isa Supersport.The ISA fleet currently has 31 cruising units: ISA Sport 133 (3) – ISA Sport 120’ (10) – ISA Sport 140’ (1) – ISA Granturismo 43 (1) – ISA Classic 47 (7) – ISA Classic 48 (1) – ISA Granturismo 66 (1) – ISA Classic 41 (1) -ISA Classic 50 (3) – ISA Classic 60 (1) – ISA Classic 63 (1) – ISA 54 (1)

Columbus Yacht is an extraordinary laboratory of completely custom-made superyacht, following the principle of “no-range”, thanks to the versatility of its naval platforms.

The platforms currently available allow producing boats very different one form the other, in steel and aluminium: the award-winning Sport Hybrid (from 40 to 50 meters), Classic (from 54 to 80 meters), Explorer (from 50 to 80 meters), Custom, Liberty, Berlinetta and Oceanic Classic and Coupe’, the latter one designed specifically for the US market and also for Asia.

The current fleet already launched by COLUMBUS YACHTS has four yachts: Classic 54m (2011) M/Y PRIMA, 40m (2013) Sport Hybrid M/Y ELEONORA III, 40m Sport Hybrid – M/Y DIVINE  and 57m Classic – M/Y TAIBA.

Columbus has currently under construction/in production a 70m Custom megayacht, whose work began to meet a production plan of the Group.

The companies within the Group are certified ISO 9001 since 1998, ISO 14000 since 2005, and have been declared compliant with the organizational and management model OHSAS 18001. In November 2014, the group Maltese subsidiary obtains the certification for the maintenance and repair of LNG carriers specializing in the transportation of liquefied natural gas from the GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz). All activities are conducted in full compliance with existing rules and regulations in the environmental field. Within its business plan, Palumbo Group has carried on major investment in environmental-friendly infrastructure and machinery.