Managing Director of Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company

She is the representative of the 6th generation of the family company Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company Spa, active in the maritime industry since 1850. She gets her degree with maximum marks in Economcs and Maritime Business and joins the Tanker Brokering Department of H. Clarksons Ltd, in London. Her academic education also benefits from a master in Shipbrokering- and Chartering (Ics – Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, 2002), a master in Ship Management (University of London, 2003) and a master in Ship Sale and Purchase (Bimco, 2005). Since 2009 she represents Italy in the Documentary- Committee of Bimco. Since 2008 she is Board Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Group in Confindustria- Naples. Since 2006 she is the only woman and the only Italian Board Member of the UK Defence Club in London. Since 2005 she is Board Member of the Young Shipowners Group in Confitarma. In 2004 she joined the family company as Managing Director and Chartering Manager,- becoming one of the youngest female top managers in the Italian shipping industry. Mariella Bottiglieri speaks fluently English and Greek, she’s married to Joe Green and they have a daughter named Sophie, who is 6 months old.