Ince & Co.

Ince & Co is a leading, industry recognised international maritime law firm. The majority of our work is for organisations in five global sectors: shipping, international trade, aviation, energy and insurance. Our clients own, build, manage, finance, lease or insure the high value, often mobile assets that play a fundamental part in today’s competitive global markets. Our advice covers commercial disputes, transactional and corporate matters including contracts, commercial issues, employment, finance and property.

We practise English, French, German, Greek, UAE, Hong Kong and PRC law. Singapore law advice is provided by Incisive Law LLC with whom Ince & Co in Singapore has a Formal Law Alliance.

We have offices based in the major shipping centres of Beijing, Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Le Havre, London, Monaco, Paris, Piraeus, Shanghai and Singapore.

Ince & Co also has a major presence in the Italian market and has done so for many years.