Manager of International Environment Affairs Unione Petrolifera

Born in Avezzano (AQ – Italy) July 15, 1955
Franco Del Manso is the International Environment Affairs manager of Unione Petrolifera – the Association of oil companies operating in Italy. He follows all environmental, technical and legislative aspects in oil downstream at national and international level.
He joined Unione Petrolifera in 1992 after working as an expert in petroleum products research and technological development of Agip Petroli – ENI Group’s company.
He had previously done research into ASSORENI, the research company of ENI Group, in the field of combustion of solid and liquid fuels and other environmental issues.
Unione Petrolifera
Piazzale Luigi Sturzo, 31 – 00144 Roma
tel.: 06/54236542 – fax: 06/59602925