Ecospray Technologies specializes in the research, design and development of innovative technologies that accomplish the realization of reliable and high-performance systems for air and gas treatment and/or cooling.

Ecospray’s technological solutions are applied in the removal of regulated pollutants from the exhaust gases of diesel marine engines and power stations, as well as in cooling down hot gases in cement and steel plants, chemical plants/refineries and in waste incineration.

Established in 2005, Ecospray Technologies is a young and dynamic company, highly innovation-oriented.

Quality, reliability and team expertise are the cornerstones upon which Ecospray’s research, design, manufacturing and service are based. Due to the continual R&D activity, in which most of the profits has been invested, Ecospray is positioned as a technology leader in many application fields.

Since 2009, the development of new applications in the marine industry has allowed an exponential growth of the company in terms of volume of business and number of employees.

Currently Ecospray operates worldwide, being able to offer customized solutions to meet any specific needs for air/gas cleaning and/or cooling in marine applications and diverse industrial processes.