Energy Saving Dept. Manager –  Grimaldi Group

Dario Bocchetti is a mechanical engineer and is currently Head of the Grimaldi Group Corporate “Energy Saving & Innovation Department” working towards Research and Innovation with the objective of reducing fuel consumption and emissions of the whole Grimaldi Group fleet through a combination of technological retrofit, support to management decisions and monitoring of the performance and waste of every single vessel.

Dario formally entered in the fleet in 2004, after an University degree thesis on maintenance policies on marine engines and after being on board ships along all his educational years. As first experience in the technical department he followed two Car Carrier new building projects for two years and the conversion works for RoPax ships. Later he became Team Leader of the Multipurpose Vessels deployed on the Euro-Med traffics.

Since 2010, he is Energy Manager of the Group, following the aspects of Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency and Environment related to new regulations and new deals, with a role in international discussions both at ECSA (European Community Shipowners’ Associations) as a member of the Air Emissions Working Group, in ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) WG and at IMO MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) as technical expert of the Maltese delegation.

Currently the focus is on a patent project for an unprecedented combination of technology towards the use of Large Lithium-Ion Batteries to cut ship emissions at berth.