GIn 2008 Cambiaso Risso Marine of Genoa and Marine & Aviation of Naples, both well-established Italian insurance brokers, have addressed the needs of Italian shipowners to have access to a high profile broker exclusively focused on the South of Italy.
The South of Italy has always had a prestigious maritime tradition, a longstanding record of global commerce and a first rate highly competitive shipowning community: this persuaded the two partners to create an insurance broker focused exclusively on these clients needs. CRMAG is then established and headquartered in Naples with the aim to create a centre of excellence for such an important and demanding shipowning market, harnessing the synergies between two significant international brokers: MAG-JLT and Cambiaso Risso.

CRMAG opens their City of London office to directly access the main international insurance markets.  

Covers offered strive always to be the most competitive in the market. CRMAG’s close relations with the insurance world and its most progressive markets, together with professional knowledge, make it possible for CRMAG to give its clients the best technical and economic solutions.
Thanks to its international profile CRMAG offers a wide range of advantages deriving from long cooperation with international companies: English market for MAG-JLT and Scandinavian, Greek and Asian markets for Cambiaso Risso thanks to their operative branches in these areas.