Caronte & Tourist S.p.A  is the navigation company that has been running the crossing by Ferries of Messina Straits for nearly half century.

C&T originated from the merging of the two great navigation companies Caronte and Tourist Ferry Boat, both operating in the field of maritime connections across Messina Straits since 1965.

In October 2001, due to the rising demand of the market and according to a research carried out on the traffic rises foreseen along the overfilled motorway North/South, Caronte & Tourist carried out the pioneering project “Autostrade del mare”, thus connecting for the first time the ports of Messina and Salerno.

From 9th April 2015, Caronte has started a new route from Naples to Catania in cooperation with TTT lines.

The line Messina – Salerno is currently operated by one  daily departure for each port and is carried out thanks to a fleet of latest generation, composed by two sisters ships Cartour Delta and Cartour Gamma.

The fleet has been built year after year in the pursuit of safety and comfort. It is made up of ships carrying both passengers and goods, able to navigate up to a speed of 26 knots, all provided with comfortable cabins with services, halls with numbered and reclining seats, apart from bar, restaurant, halls with Sat TV, satellite for mobiles, roaming internet connection and an area for children and disabled people.