The Hon Sir Bernard Eder

International Judge, Singapore International Commercial CourtArbitrator, Essex Court Chambers, London

Bernard Eder practised as a barrister for almost 35 years – between 1976 and 2010 – specialising in commercial litigation and international arbitration covering a wide range of commercial disputes including shipping, international trade, insurance/reinsurance, banking, construction (including shipbuilding), commodities and energy law. In 1991, he was appointed Queen’s Counsel and in 2011 a Justice of the High Court of England and Wales. He retired from the Bench on 1 April 2015. During his time as a High Court Judge, he sat mainly in the Commercial Court in London where he presided over a number of high-profile trials. On 7 May 2015, he was appointed an International Judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court. He has also now rejoined Essex Court Chambers as an arbitrator/mediator and expert on English law. He is currently the Senior Editor of the leading shipping textbook, Scrutton on Charterparties & Bills of Lading. A full CV appears at www.essexcourt.com.