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The modern history of the family business Lauro begins in the port of

Ischia when, in 1944, Agostino Lauro, aboard the “Freccia del Golfo,” a

42-meter long boat, long and narrow, challenge the sea, and among the

general skepticism, the takes on the tourist line Ischia – Capri. They say

that “the engines were run down and the hull small, Augustine argued with

engines and was forced to stop along the journey.

But Don Augustine, with his big cute, inventing jokes and pointed out the

beauty of the landscape to keep the tourists happy. “Then change the

engine to the boat, changing the hull and things start to go well. Don

Agostino is unbeatable, sniffs the tourism business. Man of many

resources and a thousand ideas, buy in 1968 three small hydrofoils that

they become part of the fleet. He understands that the hydrofoil is the

medium of the future, but is also aware that his heart beats for the ferries.

It is not cut out for the fast boats, so he calls his son Salvatore, then

nineteen, and entrusted him with the “means with wings.” Success comes,

is already well established when the father in 1989, died at 72 years old,

died of a heart attack.

Salvatore Lauro, indomitable passion for the sea and ships, inherited from

his father, Don Augustine, the inventor of the links with the Gulf, it is now

at the helm of the family business, as chairman of the group that focuses

Alilauro wide constellation of companies, consortia initiatives and

investments in the most advanced fast maritime traffic and tourism. The

company in which they work also two sisters, Anna and Rosaria, has

become a holding company with over 500 employees and associates.

Transports over four million passengers a year and promotes a range of

initiatives. Senator for two terms, after ten years of political activity, he

decided to leave and go back to take care of your business.

In the meantime, however, manages to win the tender for the privatization

of the Maritime Station of Naples giving “the” to the next realization of

one of the most important Mediterranean cruise terminal, but also an

important reference point for the city. Takes up the reins of their own

group and enhances the Consortium Archipelago Campano, of which he is

president, with the goal of establishing in Campania an integrated and

coordinated system.

Currently the SpA is the Group’s corporate and includes a variety

of companies engaged in different areas: communication, transportation,

tourism and innovation with the aim of promoting a synergistic all the

activities and services of the accommodation sector, in particular for the

accommodation sector comes the “Court of the Aragonese”, a prestigious

relais built in the center of Ischia Porto, in the St. Girolamo square , a

few steps from the sea and the exclusive shops.